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Behind The Lens​

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I had no idea that it would be the first of many shoots to come. A friend had asked me to photograph her headshots for an upcoming audition. The shoot was a blast, and we snapped some great shots, but it was her reaction as she looked through the photos that really hit home for me.

Wow, I've never seen myself like this before. I didn't know I could look this good.”


If photography could play such a critical role in building someone's confidence and self-image, it was something I needed to be a part of. Few things compare to the joy of giving someone photos they love and watching them recognize, sometimes for the first time, just how awesome they are inside and out.

I take my time with every shoot to ensure we’ve captured those very images. I take pride in creating rich, high-quality photos that highlight personality, style, and — most importantly — beauty from the inside out.

Contact me with any questions or to discuss pricing and availability!

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